How to help



All too often people can find themselves embarrassed or too ashamed to talk about what's going on at home. In our perfect social world those going through abuse at home will believe that they are the only ones living with it. 

If you notice that a friend , loved one, colleague or even parent at the school gates isn't quite themselves, taking the time to chat with them could make a world of difference.


How do we help?

Living  Fear Free work closely with local police and IDVA's (Independent Domestic Violence Advisors) to provide transport to a place of safety and lock changes. We can also provide basics such as toiletries, linens and bedding where necessary 


If it's you

What can you do if it's you that is caught in a Domestic Abuse situation? Whether you are the victim, perpetrator or witness there are some very positive steps you can take .

Seeking professional help either via a doctor or therapist can be a scary first step, however it can also be the decision that changes not just your life but also the lives of those around you. 

Another thing you can do is talk to friends, family and be really honest. Chances are that they know something is wrong but don't know how to start the conversation. 

You can of course also go to the police and make a report, it doesn't mean that they have to act on it immediately , but its helpful for them to have a history should you ever decide to prosecute . 

Finally the other productive thing you can do is to get all of your official documentation to a place of safety, preferably the originals but copies will do. This is so important for the future if you decide that you want to start a new life