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About Us

Who are we?


Living Fear Free is a charitable organisation committed to offering support to the men, women and children affected by Domestic Abuse. 

Alongside raising awareness , we are also dedicated to funding services such as lock changes and transport to a place of safety.   

Our History


All the team have personal and professional experience of Domestic Abuse. Sadly we have all too often encountered this totally preventable social problem, and a recent survey by Living Fear Free highlighted the disturbing result that 68% of those who participated had some experience of Domestic Abuse to a greater or lesser degree. 

Our Mission


Living Fear Free hold the intention that every man , woman and child deserves to live without the shame that Domestic Abuse brings whether they are the victim, perpetrator or witness. 

By raising awareness within our our communities and helping people understand what Domestic Abuse ‘looks’ like we aim to lift the veil of secrecy, shame and judgement , which affects so many individuals. 

How can you help?

There are several practical ways in which we can all help. 

Firstly by completing our anonymous online survey. ................

By doing this you are helping us to keep up to date with the scale of the issue. It is totally anonymous and free to participate, and the information you share could literally save lives.

You can also donate directly to the charity. All donations go to helping change the lives of those affected by Domestic Abuse. 

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